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ā€¢ Ok, you're looking to park on your street again? That'll be 500. []
ā€¢ No ā€” say it ain't so! Iraq to impose a vehicle ban to stop car bombs. Don't people know that once a car is criminal, only criminals will have cars? [Fox News]
ā€¢ This cat used up like, seven of it's lives. []
ā€¢ Detroit: The hidden 'Cars' costar. [Freep]
ā€¢ If you work for Bank of America ā€” they want you to buy a hybrid car. How badly? Well ā€” how about giving you $3000? [The Guardian]

ā€¢ The ultimate in mobile automotive starting. The high schooler who created it? Her last name is Dodge. How did we not see this coming? []