Things Go Instantly Wrong For Range Rover Driver Trying To Look Cool

Doing a J-turn (aka a Rockford) is one of the coolest tricks you can pull in a car. Notice how I specify a car? Yeah. Don’t try this in a Range Rover up a curb. Watch this Rangie driver find that out the hard way.


CarScoops spotted this video that, according to the YouTube reposter at least, didn’t injure the driver in an unnamed stretch of suburbia. Well, physically at least. Their pride is going to be tarnished.

Much like that dude who flipped his Jeep trying to drift in a parking lot, high-center of gravity SUVs are good for off-roading. Stunts? Not so much.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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The woofer box just popping out the back is the best part of this.