Alec Baldwin Doesn't Look Anything Like Enzo Ferrari

This just in: according to Variety, Ambi Media Group has cast Antonio Banderas and Alec Baldwin as Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari, respectively, in the upcoming but unnamed Lamborghini biopic. I’m okay with Banderas, it’s Baldwin as Ferrari that I take issue with.

It has nothing to do with Baldwin’s acting prowess, either. It comes down to his looks: I don’t think Alec Baldwin looks anything like Enzo Ferrari at any point in Enzo Ferrari’s life. Not when he was young and certainly not when he was wizened and old.

Variety says that the film will:

... follow the launch of Lamborghini’s career as a manufacturer of tractors, a creator of military vehicles during World War II, and the designer of Lamborghini cars, which he launched in 1963 as the high-end sports car company Automobili Lamborghini. He sold his automobile interests in the late 1970s and died in 1993.


So, of course, you can’t tell a good Lamborghini story without also mentioning Enzo Ferrari. Fine. Just pick somebody other than Baldwin.

Pick, for instance, German football (soccer) player Mesut Özil. Have you seen him? Here he is:

And here’s Enzo Ferrari:


And if things couldn’t get any spookier, Enzo Ferrari died in 1988. Özil was born in 1988. This is definitive proof that we are living in a simulation.

Other casting suggestions from the Jalopnik staff included casting Joe Pesci and Danny DeVito. It didn’t matter who they played, as long as they were either Ferrari or Lamborghini.


That’s a movie I’d see.

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Hell, I think Baldwin would be better cast as Ferruccio. Closer resemblance at least.