Strap On Your Headphones It's A Motherfucking CLK GTR Exhaust Video

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I don’t care if you darken your screen all the way. I don’t care if you unplug your monitor and chuck it out a 30-story window. This one is all about that sweet, sweet sound, coming out of the incredible Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR.

The Mercedes CLK GTR gets dirty words because its 6.9-liter V12 engine, virtually unmodified from the race version, makes absolutely dirty noises. It is, as near as makes no difference, an absurd GT1 race car, of which less than 30 exist in the world. Videos like these are so rare because the machine itself is so rare.


I might take the rest of the day off. Going to listen to this on repeat.

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Parker Kligerman

Last night, I ended up watching a 1999 Le Mans preview on Youtube. As you do. In it they had the Mercedes CLR, the troubled younger brother of the CLK GTR. As it goes by the screen the first time in a qualifying report the commentator notes “The Mercedes makes a wonderful sort of American V8 type noise, not the type of Germanic shrill noise that you’d expect.” As it had a V8, funny how the CLK GTR had the noise you would expect. Love it.

Video for reference : 7:01 mark has the sound and quote