Maybe There’s Not Safety In Numbers

Something tells me that this tale of two Mustangs was, in fact, the worst of times.

Facebook user Damien Miller uploaded an unfortunate—but predictable!—video of these Mustang drivers around 1 a.m. ET on Sunday, which Miller said crashed while “trying to show off” on the way out of a car meet. Isn’t that how all of these stories start?


Miller had Scottsdale, Arizona tagged as the location for the video on Facebook. While a search of the local news stations didn’t yield stories or details about a Mustang wreck, someone uploaded an aerial view of a crash cleanup to YouTube that matched the setting from Miller’s video.

Perhaps mom wasn’t right when she said there’s safety in numbers—at least, not in Mustang numbers.

Hat tip Nick for the email, and to my mom for the headline inspiration!

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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So do GT mustangs just have really crappy stock tires? Is an issue of too much power? Why does this happen so frequently??