Watch Tandem Drifters Smoke Out The Camera At The Legendary Ebisu Circuit

Japan’s Ebisu Circuit is one of the most famous drift courses in the world for good reason: it’s completely, ridiculously, wonderfully insane. Here’s Lone Star Drift’s Aaron Losey on the twisty, kinky, windy stretch of tarmac for a tandem run alongside David Mesker. 

There’s a little fender-bender at the end, but it still looks like a blast. You can tell Losey was excited regardless when he his explanation!!! on the YouTube video!! had a lot! of exclamation points!!!!!!!:

Both cars are fine, but the tandem was awesome! God drifting is so much fun, and god Touge is dangerous as hell! The man that made this track in the 1990s was a MAD MAN!!!!!! I can’t even imagine this track 27 years ago. Also, I love JZX100! The punishment my 1JZ takes is unreal.


There’s next to no runoff out there and always the chance of hitting your tandem-mate, but Ebisu has so many lovely turns that look like it’d be so worth it to get out there and hoon to your heart’s content.

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Is it just me, or has drifting jumped the shark just like riding long wheelies has?

Probably just me.