Watch This Ditch Eat So Many Rally Cars

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Sometimes there’s just one tricky, evil part of a rally stage that breaks cars. During last weekend at Poland’s Śląska Rally, a moist section of road liked to slide people breaking from a faster part of the stage right into a car-eating, sometimes car-flipping ditch.

Some of these cars just don’t give up. Never give up! Hammer down! Press on regardless! Err, until your Audi flips right over, anyway.

Not every car that crashes is in good enough shape to drive away, but perhaps the one broken car on the inside could’ve hung out in a field further away?

A couple of them manage to save it, though. Good for them. If there’s anything that will eat up a lot of time on stage, it’s having to have onlookers push your car back onto its wheels and out of the ditch.


Either way, thank goodness for the recovery crew.

[via The Drive] 

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Ron Calls on his years of experience....and freezes at the controls

Respect for the fans! They seemed to know exactly what was needed each time.
-Quickly realizing the front drive car needed weight on the hood, one guy standing watch while others righted a car,properly locking the rear hatch,etc