Ugly Cry From Your Leaky Plebeian Eyes At The Sight Of $83 Million In Aston Martins

Photo: Aston Martin/ YouTube (screengrab)
Photo: Aston Martin/ YouTube (screengrab)

Aston Martin just picked up three “super hangars” in Wales from the Ministry of Defense, and to properly break in their new property, the supercar company unleashed 28 of the finest automobiles it has ever built to do some high-quality hoonage. Prepare your eyes and minds for beauty.

Aston Martin just picked up some property in St. Athan in Wales with intentions to redevelop the land into its second manufacturing facility in the U.K., which isi set to build the DBX crossover.


To celebrate this transfer of ownership, the 104 year old automaker took World Endurance Championship drivers Darren Turner and Nicki Thiim, as well as Chief Engineer Matt Becker, and put them behind the wheels of true gems from the company’s history like the DBR1, A3, One-77, Vantage, Rapide S, Vulcan and a whole bunch more.

What I wouldn’t give to have been in those hangars, if only just to listen to those sweet exhaust notes.

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Poverty Sucks

They literally grabbed the 3 fugliest ones on the first go-round.