Whether or not you put any stock into Nürburgring lap time bragging rights, a record-setting time of 7:43.8 by the all-new 2018 Honda Civic Type R means seriously impressive performance. And unlike the previous title holder, Americans will be able to actually purchase this ‘Ring champ at their local dealership.

The last generation Civic Type R, which was only available in the European and Japanese market, was wicked quick around the Nürburgring and held the title of the fastest lap until the track special Volkswagen GTI Clubsport came along. The new Type R not only beat the GTI by 5.5 seconds, but eclipsed its predecessor by a whopping 7 seconds and now claims the title of fastest lap for a front-wheel-drive production car.

(Of course it must be noted that this claim comes from a manufacturer and not any sort of governing body for ‘Ring times, because there is none, but still. Speed.)


Honda set the lap time with what they call a “pre-production model that was technically representative of production specification.” A floating roll cage was added for safety reasons, but Honda claims that the cage did not improve the rigidity of the frame. In order to compensate for the extra weight of the roll cage, Honda removed the rear seats and display audio system. The record-setting Type R was also outfitted with street-legal track focused tires. Honda declined to specify the actual tires used.

Honda says the vastly improved lap time is the result of numerous improvements over the previous car such as more power, more structural rigidity, advanced suspension and chassis tuning and a wider track. Honda was quick to point out that at a specific corner of the Nürburgring the average speed is about 93 mph, but the Type R is able to blast through the turn at almost 99 mph.

While you are waiting for your Honda dealer to get in the first batch of Type Rs, have a look at the full lap below.