Runaway Wheel Hunts Down And Attacks Guy In Office

When you watch this video of a loose tire in Turkey’s Adana province bounce out of nowhere, roll through the entrance of a pharmacy, find its way into a back office and slam right into one of the men seated there, you realize one thing: that wheel knew exactly what it was doing. Look at the focus and precision here. This was no accident; this was a hit.

There’s no sound on these surveillance videos, but I’m pretty sure when the other people have the wheel held down near the end of the video, that wheel is facing that bearded guy in the chair and saying

“So, we meet again. November, 2011. A dark parking lot. You were drunk. Let me give you some advice, sir. If you’re going to slash a tire, sir, you better damn well be prepared to finish the job.”

It’s possible the wheel was working alone, but it’s been noted that if you go to 0:03 in the video, you can see that bicycle propped up against that tree giving a valuable steering assist to that wheel to get it vectored right at the entrance to that pharmacy. It’s possible the bicycle was in on the attack the entire time.

I mean, it’s either that this wheel was exacting a carefully-planned revenge plot or that ours is a chaotic world, full of random, unpredictable events that can cause us harm at any moment, without warning.


I think I’d rather live in the world of sentient, vengeful wheels.

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