How Do You Know When Someone Is A Bad Driver?

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As drivers, though we sit in our own private spaces in our own private cars, we actually spend our time sharing the road with other drivers. Drivers who aren’t the best at driving.


I’m not talking about using the damn cell phone while behind the wheel, either. I’m talking behaviors that you can spot from yards away and instantly make you go, “Oh, that person is a terrible driver.” What tips you off immediately when you see it?

I’ll even take it a step further and ask if you notice a person you’re riding with driving badly, how do you bring it up to them? People seem to get very protective and defensive about their driving. I’m so curious.

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When you’re coming up on someone on the highway, and they’re too afraid to use cruise control, and instead of being steady with their foot, their speed fluctuates between 65-85, and I’m forced to pass you 6 times because every time I pass you, you speed up top 85 and then pass me and then slow down to 65, or I’m stuck in the left lane like an idiot because my cruise is set at 75 and I was coming up on you at 65 and went to pass you and you sped up to 85 because you saw me in out the left side of your window.

See how frustrating that is? I had to write a run on sentence just at the thought of it. You suck and driving and nobody likes you.