I Pray That Frank Ocean Will Finally Kill The Matte Black Car Trope

This year’s Frozen Black BMW i8. Yes, they still do this. Photo: BMW
This year’s Frozen Black BMW i8. Yes, they still do this. Photo: BMW

There is no good reason to rely on Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean does things his own way, on his own schedule. He’s not here for you. Frank Ocean is here for himself and his art. Also for laying the overplayed matte black car trend to rest. Finally. I hope.


After taking a 374-year break from music Frank came back with Blonde last year and put out another little single Chanel last month. I missed it. But I just heard it, and I caught the line:

V both sides of the 12/

Steam both sides of the L/

Freeze smoke rings and they hail/

Sleet snow grind for the wealth/

Whole team diamonds is real/

Show them how to grind for they selves/

You need a co sign for your health/

I need that bitch to grind on my belt/

I know you need to try for my belt/

I know you see the car driving itself/

No matte black on the ride cause it’s stale/

But it’s stealth

Matte black has been played out since, oy, what has it been, ten years now? For some reason it just refuses to die. No matter how many knives I shoot from my eyes every time I see a six-figure Bentley trying to match the faded primer of a project car Continental, the paint, the vinyl wraps endure.

My fingers are crossed that Frank can do what my quiet discontent cannot.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


Matte sucks.

I’m really digging non-metallic colors right now though.

Most importantly, I’m a huge booster for non-boring colors.