The 'New Chevrolet El Camino' Is A Lie

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You may have seen renderings of a ‘new Chevrolet El Camino’ based on the Chevy Camaro popping up in your internet feeds. That shit’s fake. It’s all lies. This is your warning.


Evidently the word has been spreading through the cyber that, hey!, Chevy is making a new El Camino and there’s renderings and everything! No, friend. Do not do this to yourself. Do not put your automotively-inclined buddies through this, either.

You and I, and everybody else all know that a new El Camino is more than likely never going to ever happen again, in the same way that McDonalds is never going to bring back the original Chicken Selects again even though they were way tastier than whatever crap chicken strips they’re trying to launch now.

I’m not exactly sure where the original source of the ‘El Camino’ comes from, or why it’s suddenly everywhere again. April Fools maybe? Anyway, there’s this video from 2014, and this article that claims it will be a 2016 model year. Wrong. Stop.


Shit’s fake, and everybody better know it. If something dumb like the El Camino is coming back, or Pontiac is coming back, or any other sort of ‘common sense’, ‘they-gotta-do-it’ type idea that only involves about two seconds of thought and reasoning to debunk ever comes up, slap that shit right back down. Cool and irrational is dead.

We’re stuck in this reality. Either quit spreading the fake news or go and make your own damn El Camino. We’re supposed to buy Alfa Romeos now, anyway.

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