It’s a problem when you can’t get the wheels to stick to the dyno itself.

This is Driftworks’ gorgeous LSX-swapped, not-quite-NASCAR AE86, one of the gnarlier drift cars in Europe.


The shop recorded 676 horsepower, but who knows how many horses escaped just spinning tire on the rollers, as Driftworks explained:

Pre-season dyno time with the new RHS LSX setup! The Driftworks DW86 made 676hp with serious traction issues. We’ll find a hub dyno soon to find out what it really makes.

I can’t help but absolutely adore this car, and now I get why Bugatti has such a humongous dyno setup. You don’t put down 1,500 horsepower easy.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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