Tesla Model S P100D Breaks Quarter-Mile Record In 10.638 Seconds

Tesla’s new Ludicrous+ mode is being attributed to a goddamn crazy fast quarter-mile run of 10.726 seconds, a new world record that lasted briefly, before another Model S P100D managed to shatter that time as well.


According to Electrek, DragTimes filmed two races with two different Model S P100Ds running against a Camaro ZL1 and a BMW 550i, and Tesla’s electric car managed to break the four-door production car record in the quarter-mile with a 10.723 second run.

And then, as Electrek pointed out, the record was broken again on the same day by a stock 2017 Tesla Model S P100D. It did the deed in 10.638s at 124.65 mph. The vehicle, according to DragTimes, had “no changes to anything, original interior, original wheels, [and] original tires”:

Just a shade over 10 seconds, right out of the factory. Not bad at all.

Senior Reporter, Jalopnik/Special Projects Desk

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See the thing that got me into Drag Racing in high school was working on cars, tuning car, breaking and fixing cars. I kinda feel like Tesla ruins all of this. There’s really not much you can fix yourself on a Tesla, if you could...could you even get the parts....And the modifications are boring......and i was into Bracket racing....if a tesla can only do 2 runs how could it ever win a bracket race? To me drag racing a tesla seems pointless. If people want cars to be appliances then let them be appliances. Modifying a Tesla already feels like putting stickers on your washing machine.