The only thing more embarrassing than showing off by drifting your Mustang in front of a Lamborghini dealership is subsequently crashing into that Lamborghini dealership after telling your friends to record you.

Somehow there are Mustang drivers out there who are not yet aware of just how tragically viral their stupidity has become, or are aware and are not intelligent enough to have that knowledge inform better decision making, as the following video is evidence to:

According to the video description, the driver of the Mustang informed the person recording the video to get him on camera drifting out of the parking lot of a Lamborghini dealership while it was raining. Then he crashed.


Now this could be some insanely complex and subtly brilliant PR move we have yet to unearth, because who does shit like this? Why is a Mustang driver even at a Lamborghini dealership in the first place? Not to income shame but if you really can make the jump from ‘Stang to Lambo, I don’t think you’d be the type to drift out of the parking lot.

Actually you are probably exactly the type of person to drift out of the parking lot. Either way, no Lamborghinis and no persons were harmed in the making of yet another tragic Mustang drift fail video.

They really are trying to out-do each other, aren’t they?

Via CarScoops