State Trooper Explains The Incredible Car Safety Feature That No One Uses

Photo: John Perrine - Indiana State Police/Facebook (screengrab)
Photo: John Perrine - Indiana State Police/Facebook (screengrab)

Sgt. John Perrine, a Public Information Officer for the Indiana State Police, recently issued a public service announcement to make sure everyone is aware of a truly revolutionary feature found on every modern car. BMW drivers are going to want to grab a notebook and pen.


We here in the United States are always looking for ways to stop killing ourselves in cars. We’re developing self-driving technology, our crash tests are getting increasingly stricter, and we’ve even got these belts that we can drape over our bodies to make sure we don’t fly out of windshields.

Just like those safety belts, there’s another feature that Americans don’t use often enough—one that can help us all stop mangling our cars in pileups. And, as Sergeant John Perrine explains, it’s actually really simple:

Perrine’s message is laced in sarcasm, as he says:

So if you look at your steering wheel, there’s this stick that comes out. And it’s pretty incredible.

It’s called a TURN SIGNAL...and may require that you put down your coffee or your cellphone.

It seems to have worked, as the video has received over 14 million views on Facebook.

Here’s to hoping that some of those 14 million folks actually heed Perrine’s advice, and decide to occasionally flip the little stick next to the steering wheel in their Ultimate Driving Machines.

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How many times do I have to say it? BMW turn signals work fine and get used all the time, they just flash in colors that the peasants can’t perceive.