Watch Tesla Autopilot 2.0 Drive Like A Drunk Old Man

Someone’s Autopilot woke up on the wrong side of the bed. A video by a Tesla Model S owner that was uploaded to YouTube shows his vehicle, equipped with the latest hardware and Autopilot 2.0, struggling to stay in a lane, despite what appears to be pristine driving conditions and clearly defined roadways.


The video from Tesla owner “Scott S.” shows his Model S driving with Autosteer and Traffic-aware cruise control (TACC) engaged while driving. It doesn’t go well. At times, the car veers toward curbs and merges across the double yellow line. Scott wrote in the comment section that he has driven that particular road at least 30 times, making the Autopilot failure seem even more strange.

A commenter hypothesized that the Model S sensors hadn’t been calibrated properly, but Scott replied that it’s likely not the hardware, rather a software issue “because I have two AP2.0 Teslas.”

The slow rollout of Autopilot 2.0 included a caveat from Tesla founder Elon Musk to exercise some caution when driving on the road. Musk also said some HW2 cars may require being serviced.

Whether or not the camera pitch angle is the issue here, the video makes for quite a ride, and reiterates the need—for now—to stay attentive while driving.

Senior Reporter, Jalopnik/Special Projects Desk



Off and on topic. I wonder if the day will come that you can get in your car while over the alcohol limit and it takes you home without any legal worries of a DUI.