Here Is A Question: What Do You Do When Your Airplane Movie Has Sex Scenes In It?

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Last week, I was on a flight to California, flipping through the various movies I could watch on the headrest. Boogie Nights was available. Great movie! Thing is, more than a few parts of it might have made the family sitting next to me a little uncomfortable.


I thought about that scene with Mark Wahlberg in the parking lot, where he can’t get an erection. Pretty bleak on its own. Watching that next to a dad and his three-year-old? Probably not the coolest thing I could ever do. I ended up watching Bridge of Spies. 6.5/10.

Is it couth to watch a movie with a sex scene — or just, I don’t know, any sort of film with graphic violence — while on an airplane? In what setting would it be cool, if there’s even one at all? I’ve never had a weird flight experience of any sort, per se, but I figured this riles up a passenger or two every once in awhile.

Am I overthinking things?

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I usually fly Southwest because things like getting my luggage deliveredand the airplane workingare my priorities. I usually just make sure I get a window seat, use Google Maps to track my flight and spot cities and landforms (difficulty: This sucks over water) and very politely figure out how to best take advantage of their $5 drinks (Protip: Wild Turkey 101). Back on topic, sex and violence are everywhere, but we tend to be desensitized to the latter and overly protective of the former, at least when it comes to kids. Weird.