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Comment Of The Day: Showing Mom What's Up

Gif via Carfection

So it turns out that AMG-driving kid wasn’t drifting with his parents in the car. He claims it was just his friends, and that another publication changed the description for some reason. Anyway, here’s some great stories about real parents.


Congrats! Like Adele at the Grammys, I will split your imaginary COTD trophy in two. I’ll let you two decide which one is Adele and which one is Beyonce. One of you won, but the other actually won.


Also, please keep yourselves and your moms safe.

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Congratulations, Mr. EivlEvo and Mr. AnacostiaBikes, on COTD! I’d like to gift you with a Mercedes SLS AMG which this lovely lady will deliver with many drifts along the way.