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Kid Gets Grounded For Drifting With His Parents In The Car: UPDATED

Illustration for article titled Kid Gets Grounded For Drifting With His Parents In The Car: UPDATED

Generally, it’s a good rule of thumb to tone down your normal driving style when your parents are in the car, just in the interest of family harmony and overall sanity. Jesse doesn’t seem to give a shit about those things, which is why he’s grounded.


By “tone down,” I mean a contentious son would probably avoid drifting through roundabouts, no matter how much fun that is. Again, Jesse’s not here to make his parents calm; he’s here to get sideways in traffic circles and help his dad along the path to a coronary.

Jesse, that’s what he was talking about! And now you’re grounded. Hope you’re happy.


This video went up a couple days ago, and I haven’t been able to confirm if it’s genuine, or possibly staged. I’m guessing the mom is shooting the video from the back seat?

The rage in the dad’s voice seems pretty genuine. Or maybe just familiar.

Either way, Jesse, can’t you see you’re killing your poor parents?

UPDATE: Okay, it’s not really Jesse’s parents. Here’s the story:

So my name is Jesse Sachse (@jesse_c63 on Instagram for the shameless plug), and I’m the driver of the AMG in that video that you made the article about. Though it’s been fun watching it explode all over the Internet, we’ve been trying to keep up with all of the postings to clear the air.

The video was taken by a young friend of mine, Blake, while we were on a drive. My girlfriend was in the passenger seat, and he was in the back. I had been sliding traffic circles throughout the night, and he decided that third time is the charm, might as well record. He initially shared it to CarThrottle with the caption “when your friend has a drifting addiction.” CarThrottle ran with the video and changed the caption up on their own for some reason.

Though I dig the parent thing, my girlfriend and younger friend DEFINITELY aren’t my parents. However, this all has given me an idea for a video with my actual parents.

Hopefully that clears everything up... I appreciate the post, since a Jalopnik article is a car enthusiast’s bucket list item. Hopefully you can edit in that we weren’t trying to fool the internet, it just kinda happened. 

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My 2 Cents

Im gonna call it now: Fake.

If hes learning to drive and has that kind of car control already...Nah. Fake.