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Image via Click2Houston

Upon buying a new Lexus in November, a Houston man dropped the car off at a local repair shop for some repairs. But when he stopped by the shop recently to make one of his biweekly payments, a local news outlet reports that it had an eviction sign out front and all of the cars were gone—including his.

According to KPRC2, Randy Exom stopped by Houston’s On Site Auto Repair on Jan. 19 to make a payment for unspecified repairs to his new purchase. Instead, he saw eviction signs and a lack of vehicles. Thinking the owner, Shawn Gee, stole his car, Exom called to ask where the car was. But Exom didn’t get an exact address from Gee, which made him suspicious.


As it turns out, KPRC2 reports that the owner’s family has a history of claims about cars going missing from their shops.

While he didn’t give an exact address, KPRC2 reports that the area where Gee told Exom the shop was now located happened to be the place where his brother used to own a shop. The news outlet reported cases of missing cars from that shop in the fall, and KPRC2 reports that Gee worked there prior to opening his own place.

KPRC2 reports that Exom found his car impounded on Friday, along with other cars from the now-closed shop. From KPRC2:

“My thing is my car was in your possession and you should have made some type of contact with me and say, ‘Hey this is what’s going on, sir,’” said a frustrated Exom.

KPRC2 spoke with Gee by phone Friday. He declined an on-camera interview but confirmed his eviction, saying he and the building’s landlord had been deadlocked over repairs he said needed to be made. Gee also said that he was working with customers whose vehicles were impounded, to get their vehicles back.


KPRC2 reports that as of Friday, Exom had yet to get his car back. If he’s stuck with the responsibility doing so, it’ll be $800.

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