Cat-Like Buick Miraculously Lands On Four Wheels After Gloriously Stupid Jump


Buick, the marque responsible for one of the most incredible beater jumps ever caught on video, has delivered once again. This time, a Buick Century hits a snowbank and gets ridiculous air, leading to a truly insane landing. How does this car not flip over? Watch and see.

The Century gets launched over a pile, possibly of snow, possibly of dirt. The video’s description on YouTube calls it a “snowbank,” but it seems a little more solid than that.


Fortunately, the big boat anchor of an engine in its nose doesn’t angle it down all the way before hitting the ground, allowing the Buick to scrape its front end along until it ultimately lands on its wheels.

Buick: flies like a bird, lands like a cat.

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That has to be the landing of the century!