In Porsche’s 911 lineup, the Turbo S is the quintessential everyday supercar, while the GT3 RS is the focused track weapon. Both have similar prices on paper. However, supply and demand economics makes the RS much more expensive. Is it really worth it?


The folks over at Evo put the Turbo S and the GT3 RS head to head on the UK’s Anglesey circuit. You would think the RS would have a big advantage given its lighter weight and extra aero components to maximize grip in the corners. But the Turbo S brings an extra 60 horsepower to the fight in addition to all-wheel-drive. The result is an identical lap time of 1:13.6.

You could argue that on a different course or with a different set of conditions the RS may have won, but this demonstration reveals that the Turbo S and the GT3 RS are pretty much equally matched at the limit. Since the Turbo S has a starting MSRP about $188,000 and the RS prices around $176,000, some would say this is just a different strokes for different folks scenario.

But the equation changes once those sticker prices are translated into real-world numbers. Due to the rarity of the GT3 RS and the fact that it has the reputation for being more “hardcore,” the RS is commanding a price premium at almost twice its MSRP.


Despite the fact the dealers are tacking on markups of anywhere from $50,000 - $100,000 for the RS, you can land a 911 Turbo S at sticker price or maybe even less.


Granted, if you are the type of buyer who can drop over $200,000 on a Porsche, you probably aren’t really concerned about a price comparison. But it’s hard to justify an extra $100,000 for the RS when it’s not dramatically faster around a race circuit, but is a bit less practical than the Turbo as a daily driver.

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