Here Is Why AMG's Black Series Is Best Series

Since the early 1990s, Mercedes-Benz has offered badass versions of its standard cars that bore the sign of Haus AMG. (Now, arguably, there are too many AMGs, but that’s a talk for later.) And then they got even more badass with the Black Series cars. These are the best ones.


To date, there have only been five AMG Black Series models: the SLK 55, the CLK 63, the SL 65, the C63 and the SLS. Mercedes will only Black Series its coupes—which means that these have been track focused and sharpened almost beyond recognition.


Our friends over at Carfection managed to get their hands on a CLK63 Black Series (Jeremy Clarkson’s old car, in fact), a C63 Black Series and an SLS AMG Black Series in a video uploaded recently.

Man, those engines sound good.

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Now, arguably, there are too many AMGs, but that’s a talk for later.

Let’s talk about this now. I, personally, love the fact that you can go to a Mercedes dealership right now and buy a 3-row, family SUV with a rip-roaring 577 hp twin-turbo V8 shoved into it (GLS 63 AMG). Is it practical? God no. Is it awesome and will it embarrass that jackass in the E90 M3 next to you? Absolutely.

I do hate that AMG has started to trickle down into the regular lineup (a-la the C43 AMG). These half-assed models are annoying and are just clearly for corporate monetary reasons, the same way that BMW has a M240i that’s not a real M car. But do I love the fact that AMG would shove a V8 into a stroller if afforded the chance? You bet your ass I do.