The McLaren 650S Replacement Starts With This Delectable Carbon Fiber Chassis

Photo credit: McLaren

Here’s our first official look at the car that will eventually replace the McLaren 650S—well, its carbon fiber under-bits, anyway. Called the Monocage II, this ultra-light, ultra-rigid structure is the key of McLaren’s next-generation “Super Series” vehicles.


This is the first time McLaren has ever attempted to replace a whole family of cars, and it should be a significant visual departure from the previous cars, as we’ve seen in various spy shots. Thanks to this new structure, McLaren says its new Super Series car (which is internally called the P14) will weight just 2,829 lbs—40 less than the current 650S and far lighter than anything in its class.

Photo credit: Brian Williams/Spiedbilde

Because the carbon fiber extends to the roof, this 650S replacement should have a lower center of gravity as well, notes AutoExpress. Currently, the 650S uses heavier steel above its carbon fiber tub.

Additionally, we can see slimmer pillars which should improve visibility, and a wider entrance with lower sills to make getting in and out of the car thankfully less awkward. Additionally, AutoExpress believes that the targa-like openings above the seats may hint at the return of McLaren F1-style doors. We’ll see!


There should also be more space for storage in the frunk as well as in the cabin, according to company insiders who spoke with AutoExpress. In case mere stuff space isn’t impressive enough, owners will have the option to leave this carbon fiber tub exposed with its Visible Monocage option.

Visible or not, we can’t wait to drive it!

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