This Fully Working 3D Printed Chevrolet LS3 V8 Is The Coolest Thing

One of my favorite displays at auto shows are the engine cutaways. I love seeing how the parts move together and what does what. Imagine my delight when I saw this video of a working, 3D printed General Motors LS3 V8 engine.

The video’s uploader, Eric Harrell, says that the engine took over 200 hours of printing and over 2 kilograms of filament to make. He writes:

Fully working LS3 model. Everything was 3d printed except for the bearings and fasteners. Some parts were modeled from CAD files floating around the internet while others were modeled from pictures, repair manuals, and diagrams.


All the parts fit together just like in a real LS3, too. I wonder if he’ll 3D print an RX-7 next and drop the LS3 into it.

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This is not a “working” engine.

This is a working engine: