In today’s edition of bad tweets, NASCAR team Stewart-Haas Racing teaches us all a new word.

“FORDward” may sound like a basketball shot you’d make into a trashcan with a damp piece of wadded paper, but what’s even worse is the response to the tweet. Go ahead and click the timestamp, and see just how mad avid Stewart-Haas fans are about the team switching from Chevy to Ford for the 2017 season.

Happy 2017! The internet is a great place!

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Someone pitched this- some one else gave it some thought and then approved it (after between 10 and 100 emails discussing the pros and cons and the branding hazzards/opportunities.) He probably told the social media person something like “You’ve got the greenlight” or “let’s go with this...”

Moments later his teenage daughter entered the room and told him that “FORDward” is fucking stupid.