Who Said Winter Was Only For Four-Wheel Hoons?

GIF via robyworks

This time of year, the colder parts of the world typically bemoan the icy conditions and the lengthy to-do list associated with putting their beloved motorcycles in storage for the winter. Except Arūnas Gibieža. This guy is rad.

Studded tires, drifts, and wheelies, bro. All day long. He’s not bad at beatboxing, either.


It’s so much fun to see some BMW cars try to brave the cold and keep up.

GIF via robyworks

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There is a guy at work who rides his Harley all year round. I live in MA, 20 minutes south of Boston. As long as it is not actively snowing or black ice conditions he rides.

Otherwise he drives his Kia Sephia.

I would probably do the same thing if I owned a Kia Sephia as my 4 wheel transportation.