Boat Named 'Nap Tyme' Lazily Drifts Into Ferry, Which Is Kind Of Amazing

I do believe names have a certain power to them. If I had a boat, I would name it things like “The Unsinkable,” “The Great Evader,” or even “No Crashing Today, Please.” Clearly, the lapse in the owner’s better judgment when they named the vessel “Nap Tyme” came back to bite them in the ass yesterday.


A boat, known only as “Nap Tyme,” headed directly for a Washington State ferry near Vashon Island, according to an uploaded video that documented the crash.

The crash, catastrophic in the most ironic sense, resulted in zero injuries and zero deaths. Which is always good.


A state ferries spokesman told the Seattle Times that the person driving Nap Tyme was “below deck” at the time of the crash. It is unclear what they were doing below deck, although in retrospect maybe they were just doing what was suggested of them.

Someone please wake up Nap Tyme.

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What the hull!