On Thanksgiving, Stacy Omelianoff parked her Buick Lucerne in front of her friend’s apartment in the Koreatown area of Los Angles. While she was enjoying the holiday with friends, a woman spent a total of six hours methodically vandalizing the car. It’s all caught on surveillance video, and it’s strangely disturbing.

The Buick had its tires slashed, grille smashed and yanked out, body panels stomped and trampled, windows smashed, panels pried, and, creepiest of all, its wipers torn off and then used to gouge and scratch nonsense words and letters all over the car.

This is beyond mere vandalism; this car seems tortured, slowly and methodically. The attack began at about 3 a.m, and continued, off and on, for six hours.


Passers-by saw it happen, but many just took pictures or ignored it, until finally someone called police, who arrested the woman and took her to the hospital for a 72-hour mental health hold. (Clearly she’s in need of help, so have some sympathy for her here too.)

KTLA reports Omelianoff had recently spent over $500 for mechanical work to the car and had recently lost her job. She doesn’t have the insurance coverage to pay for the damage, and her Buick has been effectively totaled.


It’s a strange and sad case. Everyone in this story needs lots and lots of help: the owner, the Buick, and especially the disturbed woman who did this.