WM Motor stood out from all of the other Chinese-funded electric car startups that are flooding the scene at the moment by raising one billion dollars to get its mass-market EV brand off the ground. Now, finally, we can see their car and it’s a photoshopped Mitsubishi. (UPDATE: WM Motor denies it made these renders.)


First to notice the similarity was Electrek, which lined WM Motor’ press image beside Mitsubishi’s press image for their new Outlander plug-in hybrid. Observe:

Illustration for article titled Billion-Dollar Chinese EV Startups First Car Is A Photoshopped Mitsubishi (Update: Denied)

This is particularly entertaining for me as WM’s expectations could not have been higher as of late. Their exec is from the Chinese company that owns Volvo, Geely, they have other big-name partnerships in China, and they plan to have cars ready for production in 2018. The ‘WM’ in their name even stands for the German Weltmeister, or world champion.

I suppose their billion-dollar budget is being spent on things other than their own design mockups.

UPDATE: WM Motor denies that it made these renders. Who did remains unclear.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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