Fiat Heir Cut Off From Family After Alleged Coke-Fueled Ransom Plot, Instagram Fight With Petrolicious

Photo credit AP/Instagram
Photo credit AP/Instagram

Things have gone from bad to considerably more bad for Fiat heir Lapo Elkann, who was arrested in New York this Sunday on charges of faking his own kidnapping and ransom because he allegedly needed cash to pay for a coke- and pot-fueled party binge with an escort. (As one does.) Now he’s been reportedly cut off by his family, and to make matters even worse, he’s stealing photos from wonderful vintage car site Petrolicious. Lapo! Get it together, man.


The New York Post’s Page Six reports that Elkann, 39, is “not being supported financially by his family in his latest run-in with the law.”


Elkann is the grandson and heir to the late Gianni Agnelli, the famous industrialist and former principal shareholder in Fiat. The Agnellis founded Fiat in the late 1800s and remain one of Italy’s wealthiest families. You’d think $10,000 for hookers and blow would be mere chump change.

From the story:

[Elkann] was hit with a misdemeanor charge on Sunday for falsely reporting an incident after he allegedly told his family he needed $10,000 to secure his freedom from a Manhattan housing project.

Instead he allegedly needed the funds to pay off a hefty tab for cocaine, pot and alcohol during a two-day drug bender with a transgender escort.

A police source said that the scion’s not being supported by his family after his arrest “because of his lifestyle: the drugs and hookers and stuff.”

Yes, “the drugs and hookers and stuff”! They will get you every time.

All joking aside, Elkann is an admitted addict and it is sad to see he’s relapsed. But his wealth-induced hubris probably isn’t helping anything at this point.


And to top it all off, the Page Six story closes on one particular note about Elkann’s other problem: photo theft on Instagram.

In lesser troubles, he’s also being accused of stealing fellow hipsters’ photos on Instagram. “It’s pretty standard for him to steal without giving credit,” said a source, pointing to a fight between Elkann and classic car site Petrolicious over an image of a Ferrari.


Which is a shit move, no matter who you are. Elkann seems to like to live the so-called “luxury” lifestyle on The Instagram, even if he wasn’t actually there, like everyone’s favorite vintage car and video website was.

I mean, does Elkann need to pretend to drive a Ferrari? He owns Ferrari.


When confronted about the photo theft in question by Petrolicious Editorial Director Ted Gushue, Elkann replied: “Positive Vibes and Energy Only. 🙏🏍🏍🚙🚙🚤🚤🚤🚁🚁✈️✈️✈️”

Okay then.

Drive tastefully, asshole.

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