Comment Of The Day: It's A Hell Of A Town Edition

Photo credit Raphael Orlove/Flickr
Photo credit Raphael Orlove/Flickr

Sometimes in New York (nicknamed the “Motor City,” because there are so many taxi cabs driving around) you can just walk off with an 86-pound pail of $1.6 million in gold in broad daylight and nobody gives a shit. What a town!


Yes, this is a real thing, as reader Vacuum Leak wondered today:

I am also awarding a rare second place win to 66ChevelleSS on that personal submarine post for outstanding excellence in continuity:

Heroes, all of you.

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Patrick...WTF? “New York...nicknamed ‘Motor City’ because of all the taxis...”

I’ve never heard New York called Motor City. “Big Apple”, yes. “The City that Never Sleeps?” Occasionally. I get it, everyone hates on Detroit, because it’s all run-down and abandoned about like pretty much every car that rolled out of there from back in the 70s. If you’re rolling down the interstate in Michigan, and you look randomly on the side of the road, you’re likely to a ‘76 Vega, sitting on the hubs, a ‘78 LTD Coupe with mismatched fenders and possibly on a fire, Detroit (falling apart) and then a ‘78 Aspen with the transmission dangling underneath. But don’t steal their nickname and just GIVE it to New York. That’s just wrong.