Voting Would Be Way Easier If Every Polling Place Had A Drive-Thru

Via ABC 7
Via ABC 7

America has a problem getting people to go vote, and at least some of that has to do with the ridiculous wait times and long lines at local polling locations. What about drive-thru voting?

Some people are even already doing it in Martinez, California! As seen in the following clip from ABC 7, voters can choose to be mailed a ballot, bubble it in, and then drive to a designated drive-thru drop-off point. This method is even quicker and even more efficient, and it almost makes too much sense.


If you’re not cool with checking the mail, drive-thru voting doesn’t even have to be all that different from the way we currently vote at polling locations. As long as you’re registered to vote, you just wait in line, collect your ballot, go to a private little cubby and mark your choices, and then you turn in the ballot and get yourself a nice sticker. A drive-thru can service those exact same steps, only much quicker and with greater efficiency.

Just do it exactly as I’ve outlined above, only from your car. You drive up to a designated lane with poll workers stationed at different points in the drive-thru. You queue up behind the other cars, just like you do at McDonald’s, get up to the first “window” and, depending on your state, show your identification and pick up your ballot. You pull off and park in the comfort and relative security of your car to bubble in your choices and take your selfie, and then drop off your clipboard and ballot at the “second window.”

Just like that you’ve voted, and it was quicker and more comfortable than the traditional method of voting. Maybe we can upgrade our shirt stickers to bumper stickers, even.

Now, you might be wondering if this would just end up taking just as long as traditional poll-center voting, but with everyone backed up in their cars. This is an accurate assessment, but parking lots tend to be a lot bigger than buildings, so here’s what we do.


In one corner of the parking lot is the entrance, where cars pull in to get their ballot. Once you pick it up, the parking lot has been closed off for voting, so you have a massive amount of spaces to pull into and vote, just like a voting booth. Except where there’s only eight or ten or twenty or fifty booths in a polling location, there’s the potential for hundreds of spaces in a parking lot. And then once you’ve voted, you drop off the ballot in a separate line near the designated exit. As you’ll see below, the ballots would be dropped in a secure box or bag under supervision of a poll worker, like at a traditional poll location.

America loves its democracy, and it loves its drive-thrus. I say there’s a way to save Americans time and stress when voting and it’s called Drive-Thru Democracy.

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I live in Australia where voting is:

- compulsory

- conducted entirely on paper

- has preferential voting

- is done on a Saturday.

In the election on 2 July this year, I waited in line for all of about 3 minutes because I went in the afternoon, I walked in and voted and then walked out again.

Seriously America, how come you can’t sort your mess out? How can you call yourself “the greatest democracy in the world” when you can’t even do democracy properly?

Our democracy even comes with a sausage sizzle.