What Car Has The Aftermarket Completely Ruined?

Photo Credit: NewsPress
Photo Credit: NewsPress
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Cars and customization go hand in hand like bachelor parties and stomach pumps, but sometimes the aftermarket goes a little too far and absolutely ruins what was otherwise a decent car. My question to you all is, what car or cars have become so radically and tastelessly modified that finding a decent example is next to impossible?


As an astute observer of cars that go on to be indistinguishably monstrous echoes of their former selves, I’d like to nominate an entire class of cars, namely those made in Japan in the early-to-mid 1990s.

Photo Credit: Duraflex
Photo Credit: Duraflex

Regardless of forced induction, drivetrain configuration, or seating arrangement, you can be certain that at some point in the car’s overworked life, at least one of its several owners thought seriously about installing an Eribuni body kit and short ram intake, and a fair amount of them did exactly that. The ones unlucky enough to go looking to an unmolested example will either have to pay a steep tax, or simply be shit out of luck.

Now I turn the floor over to you. What cars are the most egregious examples of cars you can no longer find without gaudy and unfixable modifications?

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It’s hard enough just to find a picture of a stock one, let alone find out out in the wild.