Clarkson, Hammond And May Will Start Filming The Grand Tour Season Two Immediately

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The old Top Gear trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are finishing up their traveling tour that makes up the studio element of their new Amazon Prime show, The Grand Tour. The good news is that once that’s finished, they’re going to immediately jump into the second season.


In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Clarkson, Hammond and May reveal quite a lot of detail concerning the first season of their new Amazon Prime show, which debuts its first mega-opening episode Nov. 18. Perhaps the best news was that as soon as that’s finished, they’re going straight into season two.

Perhaps the most interesting tease for the new series, beyond the $3.2 million opening sequence shot in the California desert which Clarkson claimed “even Marvel would balk at the scale” of, is the revelation that the three old men will be competing in a competition designed for the world’s most elite special forces in a highly advanced mock-town built by the Jordanian government.

Also explained is James May’s broken arm, which is the opening joke of the trailer for the show, which was actually a broken shoulder sustained when he had a “bit of a tumble” coming out of the pub the day before filming began.

Some episodes will be very car-focused, and some films will “barely have a car in them.” Perhaps the best news is that the new show will be “broadly the same” as the trio’s old Top Gear series. Just without the BBC overlords.

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Has anyone ever noticed that whenever those three visit a foreign country, there is a high probability of civil war or other form of unrest breaking out not long after they leave? They were in Paris just before the riots. Ukraine just before Russia invaded. Syria just before its civil war started. And Iraq just before Daesh moved in. I think they might be cursed.