Tow Truck Driver Caught On Video Taking Disabled Man's Nissan GT-R For A Joyride

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You wouldn’t think this needs to be said, but if your job is to tow a car to a repair shop, that doesn’t mean you get to take the car to your house and drive it like a maniac. The same way the pizza delivery guy doesn’t help himself to a slice or two of your pizza. Someone may need to explain that to the guy who towed Brian Montgomery’s Nissan GT-R.


The sordid story comes to us from TV station ABC 13 in Houston. Montgomery, who lives in nearby Pearland, is a man who loves his Nissan GT-R. He who uses a wheelchair as a result of a motorcycle crash, but still lives for fast cars, which makes his choice of car pretty obvious.

ABC 13 reports that last week, Montgomery noticed that his GT-R’s transmission warning light had come on. He arranged to have the car towed to the Nissan dealership in Pearland, TX on Sunday, but the car didn’t actually get there until Monday afternoon.

The reason for the delay you can see in the dash cam clip in the video above: the tow truck driver, instead of taking the car right to the dealership, took the car to his own house, where he drove the car around his residential neighborhood, apparently reaching speeds up to 75 mph and spinning the tires.


Oh, the videos also show the tow truck driver took his friends for rides in the car, during which he offered some insightful takes on its driving dynamics, including bon mots like:

“Fuck yeah, bitch is quick as fuck, bro!


Bitch sucks me back in the seat!

We should hire this gifted wordsmith.

In this video, the tow truck driver and his giggling friends assess (at about 3:35) the special hand controls that Montgomery needs to use to drive, saying

That shit’s in the way of my legs! Man, fuck this piece of shit.

Then they speculate about how the GT-R compares to “the Integra.”

If there’s any benefit of the doubt to be given that maybe this guy was driving this effectively stolen car in any responsible manner or was in any way confused as to who owned it, we can put that shit to rest in this video clip here:

In this clip an unseen woman says

Oh, it’s a customer’s! Oh, let me test drive it!

... to which our tow truck pilot responds:

Hell no. I almost lost control of it right now. Bitch is fast.

Montgomery discovered the car’s secret unwanted adventure when the car was returned to him on Tuesday. He noticed that his sunglasses were missing, and his dash cam was unplugged, so he checked the footage stored on the camera and found this very unbelievable manner of shit.

He posted the video clips on the GTRLife forum, along with this explanation:

Just putting these guys on blast for what they did to me.

I called Nissan Roadside assistance and they sent these guys out. They picked up my car because the transmission had an error code that self cleared but I wanted to make sure it was going to be fine.

Anyways. the guy takes my car to his house, unloads it, blast it down the road around the block, calls his buddies and then they all get a turn to drive it. Meanwhile my dashcam rolls it. Then at 2am, the tow truck driver takes my car out and notices the dashcam and unplugs the power to it. So I have no idea what he went to do in my car. Meanwhile one of the guys stole my Oakleys and my gopro cigarette charger and you can hear the guy tell him not to go through my stuff but the guy does it anyways and allows him. Police reports have already taken place. Brazoria county DA has accepted the charges for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and burglary of a motor vehicle.


Aside from the obvious theft of the car, theft of Montgomery’s property, and general pervasive idiocy, it’s worth remembering that Montgomery wanted his car taken into the shop for a reason.

There was that transmission warning light, and, while I’m not a Nissan tech, I suspect the procedure for diagnosing potential transmission issues isn’t to fill the car up with around 400 pounds of moron and tear ass with it all over public roads.

There is a weird noise that starts to happen in this video. I’m not sure if it’s got anything to do with the car’s issues or what, but it doesn’t sound great, whatever it is.


This is one of the most egregious abuses of a customer’s car I’ve ever seen. This wasn’t some quick little joyride to get a little taste of what a car is like; the tow truck driver literally stole this car for over a full day, hooned the shit out of it, let his friends rummage through it, drive it, and, perhaps most maddeningly, posed with the car for pictures and Snapchat posts.

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Royal Towing, the towing company involved, has called and apologized to Montgomery, and offered to pay to have the transmission serviced, but wanted the videos taken offline.

When ABC13 contacted the company, Royal Towing claimed the driver was a contract driver and that they were not responsible for his actions.


At this time, police have not yet identified the driver, but charges will be pending once they do, the station reported.

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“Royal Towing, the towing company involved, has called and apologized to Montgomery, and offered to pay to have the transmission serviced, but wanted the videos taken offline.”


Sue the shit out of them, replace the transmission, hit them for pain and suffering, and THEN KEEP THE VIDEOS UP, and post the names of everyone involved.

FUCK them