Mazda’s bringing two new concepts to SEMA, both variations and evolutions of cars we’ve seen before. First is a version of the retractable hardtop MX-5 RF, painted in a special matte gray. Even more exciting, though, is an even lighter version of last year’s MX-5 Speedster. This one weighs in under 2000 lbs.

The MX-5 RF concept is known as the Kuro concept, from the Japanese word for charcoal. It’s called that because, according to the press release:

MX-5 RF Kuro is painted in a semi-matte metallic concept color developed in-house called “Kuro,” which means “charcoal” in Japanese. It rides on 17×7.5-inch RAYS forged wheels, 215/45R17 BFGoodrich Rival G-Force tires and the adjustable suspension from the Battery Tender Global Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich Tires.


So, fancy new paint that would probably be a bitch to take care of, like all matte finishes, and some wheels and tires. Nothing earth-shaking, but that Retractable Fastback Miata still looks good to me.

The big news is how Mazda managed to shave over 100 lbs from last year’s Mazda Speedster to create their new Speedster, which they’re calling the MX-5 Speedster Evolution. The old Speedster was 2080 lbs, so this new one must be, holy crap, 1980 lbs. That’s a year, not a weight! That’s also 350 lbs less than a stock Miata.

It still has no windshield, and is about as stripped-down as possible. The new paint color is called White Ether, which may have some anti-gravity properties. Maybe they just threw all the crap out of the trunk.


Both cars will be at SEMA, so if you and a friend or two want to try lifting a car while you’re there, best start with the MX-5 Speedster Evolution.

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