Shockingly Calm Dude Surprised As Six Foot Snake Pops Out Of His Car In Traffic

Screencap via WFLA News Channel 8
Screencap via WFLA News Channel 8

One man in Florida was surprised when a six-foot snake emerged from his Hyundai’s hood during rush hour on U.S. Highway 19, reports WTSP. Surprisingly, that car is not on fire at the bottom of a ravine (like it should be), although consider this my request to nuke it from orbit just to be sure.

Fortunately for Snakezilla, though, Hyundai Sonata owner Tim Mokwa is perhaps the most chill man on earth. He grew up around snakes as a native Floridian, and told WFLA that he used to catch them for fun all the time.

Instead of freaking out, he simply pulled over, shut his windows and air conditioning vents and filmed the guy crawling around in a Walmart parking lot. The snake could have easily slithered inside if he hadn’t, as Mokwa told WTSP:

My windows were down and he did almost get inside the window. I rolled it up just in time.


Snakes In The Car: no longer just a bad sequel pitch. (Also, my worst nightmare.)

Still, I can’t believe how relaxed Mokwa is about this whole freaking terrifying snake thing. When the snake slithered back under his hood, he just drove the car back home. Mokwa hopes his new buddy slithered out to a good ol’ time on the grounds of his apartment complex, telling WTSP:

Hopefully he’s just out here in the bushes somewhere just living a new life.

Mokwa’s girlfriend hasn’t been in the car since he found the snake. I don’t blame her.


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