Hurricane Matthew Is As Good Of An Excuse As Any To Do Some Donuts

You have a rad sounding F-body. The streets are empty because there’s a big hurricane rolling through. Trees are whipping about in the wind and the roads are slippery from the rain. Clearly, it’s donut time.

Here’s a properly earth-shaking Pontiac doing what a big V8-powered rear-wheel-drive hoonmobile does best: spinning its tires.


Fortunately, no hoons were hit by a flying Volvo in the making of these donuts. It looks like the storm wasn’t at full chat, either. Regardless, we still recommend waiting until things die down a bit before you take the car out. Go forth and hoon, but don’t be dumb about it.

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Im so confused, I can’t decide if I should or shouldn’t do donuts in a hurricane, or even jetski. I don’t know what to believe.