Here's What Looks To Be The Most Hardcore Mercedes-AMG C63 Yet Out On The Nürburgring

On this blog, we’re big fans of showing you cars that you could one day buy testing at the Nürburgring in Germany. If you haven’t noticed, we really like when they’re fast. That being said, here’s a video of what appears to be the new Mercedes-AMG C63 R out there tearing things up. It looks pretty good, too.

The R version—or whatever you want to call the car, since nothing has been confirmed yet—of the 2018 coupe is expected to have a 4.0-liter V8 engine with horsepower somewhere in the 500s, according to CarScoops. The manufacturer introduced us to its first model with the “R” distinction in June, the top-rung performance version of the Mercedes-AMG GT: the Mercedes-AMG GT R.

This top-variant C63 is an almost sure rival to the BMW M4 GTS, a track-ready car with 493 horsepower that can lap the Nürburgring in seven minutes and 28 seconds—about the same amount of time that the Porsche Carrera GT can. Neither CarScoops nor the YouTube video of the car had the numbers on how long it took to get around the ‘Ring, but check out that rear wing—you can bet it was fast.

Either way, we’ll probably find out more soon.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Dr. Bobert Ballard

This model of the C63 is half-baked. Car and Driver’s latest test vehicle, a coupe, weighs upward of 4,100 lbs. That is simply unacceptable especially considering that the ATS-V and M4 weigh about 600 lbs less. Where does that extra heft come from when compared to the sedan? Mercedes really needs R&D in weight reduction.

Secondly, the over-steering nature of the C63 no longer cuts it when it doesn’t have an engine with a character to match. With the AMG line focusing more on performance now with the GT and E63, the new C63 is a step backwards. Mercedes acknowledged this and gave the coupe a wider set of rear tires, but somehow it also magically gained about 200 lbs in the process.

This ‘R’ model looks like an Accord with a giant wing tacked on the rear. It’s probably about as much as a ‘track-focused’ model as the F-Type SVR is.