This Lamborghini Huracan Driver Challenged A Fine For Excessive Noise And Won

Image via YouTube screenshot
Image via YouTube screenshot

For the owner of a Lamborghini Huracan, a $300 ticket sounds like something that can just be brushed off. But when an Australian Huracan owner got a ticket for unnecessary noise last year, he didn’t let it go. Sometimes, he said, “it’s not about the money—it’s about making sure that you stick to your principles.”

Owner Mark Trueno told Yahoo that he received a $376 AUS (U.S. $286.65) fine in October of 2015 for revving the car outside of a hotel in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Trueno’s lawyer argued that it’s too easy for police to just throw random accusations and allegations against drivers,”and a Brisbane Magistrates Court overturned the fine last week.

With a two-day trial and multiple witnesses, Yahoo reports, Treuno has legal bills of $1500 AUS (U.S. $1143.54) for challenging the fine—about four times what he owed on the original ticket. Good thing it’s not about the money here.


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