Who Is The Most Miserable Person On The Road Right Now?

North Dakotan oil truckers pictured. Looks fun! Photo Credit: AP
North Dakotan oil truckers pictured. Looks fun! Photo Credit: AP
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There are many times I find myself behind the wheel of my ‘73 Volkswagen, no GPS, no radio, no air conditioning, not even a fan, and earplugs in because the car is so loud at this point, and I look at other drivers in their Honda Accords and wonder what it would be like to comfortable. But I also wonder if there’s someone on the road even more miserable than I am.


And there has to be, right? I’m not really all that miserable in my Baja Bug. I chose to drive it! It’s a pleasure trip. The lack of modern comforts is a feature. And people wave at me and no matter the general gasoline-fumed displeasure, driving the Baja is never that bad.

But what about long-distance truckers? Or dudes transporting military gear in convoys, stuck in rattling and banging desert-grade trucks at highway speeds?


What about the people shipping those gigantic wind turbine blades?

So I really don’t know who on the road at this very moment we should feel the most sorry for. Who do you think has to be the most miserable son of a bitch on our nation’s highways right now?

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Anybody stuck behind one of these:

Which is me on a daily basis. Fuck these guys and their slow, gravel spewing monstrosities.