This Is A Real Video Created By A Real Government Agency And I Love It

In the 1940s, Oak Ridge National Laboratory helped create nuclear weapons. In 2016, Oak Ridge National Laboratory made this video. As far as I am concerned, they are equal in the pantheon of human achievements.

It’s nothing but poor computer-generated imagery of engine parts, a display of what materials go in them, and the best fucking music this side of 1987. And the best part is, you know – you just know! – that it was created in house.


Here is how that conversation went:

Person 1: Hey, we should have some music in this video, shouldn’t we?

Person 2: Oh yeah, definitely. What did you have in mind, some Hans Zimmer like in I N C E P T I O N? Or just some Kendrick Lamar or whatever?

Person 1: Nah, all that stuff is expensive. Let’s do it in house.

Person 2: In house? Who the hell has the musical chops for this thing?

Person 1: Well Gary in Accounting pays keytar in a band. That’ll work.

And boy howdy does it ever work.

This video actually just appears to be comprised of B-roll showcasing the advanced materials science work that Oak Ridge does for the automotive industry, and that’s fine if not a bit boring:

But why did it need a separate upload to Youtube? And why did it need it’s own bitchin’ soundtrack?

I know not the answers to these questions. But I don’t care. It’s the best.

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For Sweden

Flame front speed in the right hand cylinder is horrendous. The cylinder is almost at the bottom of the power stroke, and fuel is still burning.