Look At All The Astonishing Rare Cars You Find Abandoned In Hong Kong

Photo: carsofhongkong/Instagram (Michael Tracy)

My brother is obsessed with cars, but he’s stuck in one of the least car-friendly cities in the world: Hong Kong. So, to satiate his primal automotive needs, Mike just takes pictures of the coolest cars he sees, and as it turns out, there are lots of cool cars in Hong Kong. Many of them are abandoned.

A few years ago, Mike took a job as a geologist in Hong Kong. So, in an effort to coax him back closer to me, I bought him a 1966 Ford Mustang—his dream car. But somehow, perplexingly, that didn’t work, and he’s still almost an entire half-circumference of the world away.


And now I know why. The cars over there are epic. Just look at his Instagram account @carsofhongkong—it’s filled with some of Hong Kong’s rarest and most exotic cars.

Here are a few of my favorites:


There’s a lot of awesome old stuff out there, it turns out. So if you thought Hong Kong’s only had stretched German luxury sedans and ridiculously iced-out minivans, now you know better.

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