Holy Crap, Daigo Saito Built Another Ferrari Drift Car

Pro drifter Daigo Saito has obliterated the tires on some of the most intense machinery on the planet, including a ludicrously overpowered Lexus SC430, a 1,000-hp Nissan GT-R, a Lamborghini Murciélago and a Ferrari F430. That’s right: Saito’s had more than one drift Ferrari.


Director Luke Huxham, who’s made several rad drift videos with Saito, snapped this pic of Saito’s newest, reddest, and most insane build yet.

Feast your eyes on Saito’s new 599 GTB drift build. Marvel at the wide-body fender flares, the big wing and additional ventilation in the trunk, and most importantly, the large tires that are not long for this world. RIP, tires. Death by glorious Italian V12.

Build in progress, complete with luxurious leather-clad dashboard.

Needless to say, they’ve also added a bit more steering angle up front and a hydraulic handbrake to ensure that the car gets as sideways as possible, per Autoevolution.

I have to hand it to a man who doesn’t just drive his supercars, but willingly blasts whatever rubber he can fit onto them into smithereens. Daigo Saito: drift king of Jalops.

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