Some of you jamokes just can’t resist the siren song of those screechy tires, huh? Haven’t you seen enough YouTubes to know you shouldn’t smash the gas and saw your steering wheel... especially when you’re leaving a car show!


Yep, people just love to drive like dickborks when they come out of a car show and see a row of folks holding cameras. I know this because almost every post we’ve tagged “Cars and Coffee” is somewhere between inexcusable recklessness and expensive brain-farts.

Today’s Cars and Coffee imbecility comes from Boise, Idaho where YouTuber Braden Carlson seems to have wisely posted up on the inside of the exit turn waiting for a crash. I mean, filming the cool cars go by I’m sure.

As you can see, this M3 wastes no time initiating a dramatic departure. Like so many we’ve seen before, the driver executes a classic formula: loads of throttle, not enough throttle and panic brakes brakes brakes! The runaway Bimmer flings itself completely into the oncoming lane missing a bystander’s Jeep Liberty by a few feet.


Please, Cars and Coffee-goers. Stop it. STOP IT. Some of us are trying to use the road without BMW boomerangs being flung into us.

Hat tip to Rodney!

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