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This Is How You Nail The Perfect Drifting Shot

If you want to get a perfect drift shot like the one above, it’s easy! You just need a few things.


You need a supremely talented motorsports photographer like SPEEDHUNTERS’ Larry Chen.

You need Formula D driver Ryan Tuerck behind the wheel. Tuerck was the 2008 Formula D Driver of the Year and is currently ranked 7th in the 2016 season.


His car makes for a good shot, too. An 850 horsepower Scion FR-S built by Nameless Performance of Woodland, Washington. That’ll look nice and smoky.

A venue helps, too. Like GRIDLIFE, “the ultimate track day and concert,” featuring EDM music, sleeve tattoos, Formula D drivers, and a time-attack competition with guys from “the Midwest drift scene,” which was also the plot to Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.

You need a Canon SLR and corresponding suction mount, a BMW M2 chase car and a Matt Farah to drive it.

Ah, hell. Just check out the video above: it’s of interesting people doing cool things with cars.

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