The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Looks Like It Wants To Kick Your Teeth In

Photo credit: Effy
Photo credit: Effy

Our friends over at Bridge to Gantry spotted the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS testing on the Nürburgring. Based on the 991.2 generation, it appears to follow the same formula we know, love and fear: put a wicked fast turbocharged drivetrain into a GT3 RS body and chassis, and hope the owner doesn’t spin it into a wall.


This will not only include the ultralight magnesium roof and carbon panels of the GT3 RS body, but rumors say it will have around 690-700 horsepower, reports Bridge to Gantry. Of course, it will be rear-wheel-drive only—otherwise it is no worthy successor to the widowmaker.

Rumors also speculate that it will have a manual gearbox, so rejoice! If you’re going to order a car that wants to put you backwards into a tree at all times, you can’t make anything easier on yourself on principle. Three pedals or bust.

Of course, any limited-release Porsche is going to be very hard to get your hands on, even if you have the cash. The rumor mill cites a 2017 release date with only 500 examples made in the first year.

You’re probably going to have to know a guy who knows a guy, and it probably would’ve helped if you’d bought a 918.

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Old news. Dealerships having been taking deposits for them for a while now.